Monday, February 25, 2008

Zulu Lady

This water colour painting "Zulu Lady" has already been sold. Older Zulu woman normally dress in traditional clothing which includes a wide straw hat or Isicholo decorated with beads called ubuhlalu.

Beads in the Zulu culture can have different meanings, like love, encouragement, a warning or even a reprimand. The symbolic language of the beadwork plays an important role during courtship.

When a young man declares his love for a Zulu maiden she reciprocates by giving him a gift of betrothal beads as a declaration of her acceptance of him as a future husband. The man in turn pays the bridal price called Lobolo to the maidens family, which normally consists of eleven cows.


wendy said...

my my! love the way the colors speak so much in your work =)

Sue Ellen Cowan said...

Caroline, this is just beautiful, such intense color. I love your style.

Nicole said...

This is wonderful!
Awesome portrait!

Artbeat said...

Thanks for all the comments. I have always loved working with bright colours and feel most confident when painting something that reflects my persona