Monday, February 18, 2008

Colour In Flight

The Pyrrhuloxia Cardinal is a Medium sized Mexican bird also found in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in the US, I think they are also referred to as the "Desert Cardinal"

This next water colour painting I started a while ago from pictures I found in a bird encyclopedia. I am not sure if other artists studios look like mine, with sketches and paintings in various stages of completion. It is time to get stuck in and finish some of them off for an arts and crafts show coming up shortly.

This beautiful Plate Billed Mountain Toucan comes from South America, though a quick search of Wikipedia did not have any information on this bird. The Plaque at the bird park says from South America probably the Amazon Jungle, Equador, Venezuella . The Local bird park has a number birds of the Toucan Family.


Susie said...

To answer that question.. hehe..yes, my little studio/office is filled with half finished projects. I must be inspired and sometimes once they are started, the inspiration moves onto another subject!

scrapdiva21 said...

I love your site, especially your header! I lived in Sierra Leone as a child so that image brought back many pleasant memories. My mother-in-law also does silk paintings, I'll have to take pictures sometime and share them, but your work is spectacular!

Cindy said...

I love that toucan painting!
Thank you so much for the ECredits!

Taitai said...

Do you paint by looking at the real birds or from a photograph?

Artbeat said...

Hi taitai

The bird paintings are from Photos mainly taken at our local bird park. Sometimes the photos are not great because the cages have wire mesh that block certain aspects. Obviously then the web is a good source for research to try and get it right.