Friday, February 22, 2008

Anyone Can Paint

Anyone can Paint
No new paintings finished today, its fairly easy doing small bird illustrations where I can churn out one or two a day. I am trying to finish a few paintings I started earlier so there might not be any new ones for a while. I am going to use this space to feature another artist who has been my greatest critic and biggest inspiration and support with my art.

A water colour scene by Graham that needs a name. 50 EC credits up for grabs for giving this painting a name by next Wednesday. Leave your suggestion in my comments box.

This next one is an unframed oil painting by Graham that is also untitled, I'll put up another 50 EC Credits for coming up with a suitable title in my comments box by next Wednesday.

Ok so he is not really an artist, Graham is the man in my life, he works in the financial sector and has never painted a thing in his life. I always ragged him about not having an artistic fibre in his body, so one day he set out to prove me wrong.

Armed with a "How to Paint Book" he took over my easel and proceeded to do a few paintings. He said he thoroughly enjoyed the relaxation of painting, I even persuaded him to take lessons but sadly he quit after the first lesson and has not picked up a brush since.

He started with the water colours and the first one took him a week or so painting in the evenings. Then he decided he wanted to try the oils and the next one taxed him for about a month also working in the evenings.

Maybe it was just a man thing, he was always telling me I needed a bit more detail, or the colour was wrong or something about my paintings, my stock answer was "you are not an artist how would you know." Generally he was right though and maybe he just did a few to prove a point.


Jen / domestika said...

The painting of the birches has some nice lines - good job for a non-artist! There's something about the confidential way that one tree is leaving in to whisper to the others, makes me think it should be titled "Sisters". :)

Quality Tale said...

Only one word ... NICE


A. said...

I really hope you're right that anyone can paint. One day I'll get back to it.... Titles, I'll have to put my thinking cap on.

Xacur said...

The first one reminds me of "Carry on", the song by Angra ^^
could be good name

A. said...

1. The traveller (as in Once on a Winter's Night a Traveller...)
2. Whispering trees partly because it looks as if one of the trees is leaning over to whisper to another.

Wakish said...

Wonderful painting.. ;)
You make me feel like painting something.. art is so wonderful..
Keep going!

Susie said...

I love the birch tree's, I'd call it - beside the birches

They are magical tree's and hold such detail, he did a phenom job at bringing them to life!