Saturday, February 16, 2008

Paradise Jacamar & Cosmos

Paradise Jacamar
As usual a lazy laid back Saturday, nothing urgent that requires my attention so I can do what I like at my leisure. Its an amazing sunny day so I moved my easel to the balcony and got an increase of vitamin D while I painted this next water colour.

I started this water colour painting from the sketches I had done earlier in the week, a beautiful bird called the Paradise Jacamar distributed throughout the tropical rain forests and savana of South America and Amazon Basin.

The Paradise Jacamar is not on the endangered species list and is common to Brazil, Columbia, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela and the Guyanas.

Tomorrow I will probably take the day off from painting and blogging so I did a second painting, this water colour of a few Cosmos flowers in a plain glass jar.

Cosmos flowers originated in Mexico and were introduced to South Africa in bags of horse feed brought in to the country by the British during the Anglo Boer war.

Though common to many countries this wild flower grows in many parts of South Africa.

Artists from all over the world come to the Highveld to capture the the fields of beauty created by these graceful flowers.

They also make good cut flowers and this simple arrangement captured my imagination for today. Each petal seems to have a differnt shape and colour variation.

I have had some requests for sizes and prices so I will make an effort in the next few days to get all the exact sizes and prices. Thanks again for some of the encouraging comments.


Cindy said...

That is beautiful! You have quite a talent!

Sue Ellen Cowan said...

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your blog and your artwork. Being a self-taught artist myself, I can really appreciate the effort and the talent in your artwork. Come visit me at:

Øyvind said...

Hi Caroline, I have a lot of bookmarks on sites/blogs that I visit every day. Yours is of course in the list. I just wanted to say that each time your blog turns up I always stop to enjoy your header, I love that image. It warms! :) Then I continue to read new posts on your site etc and continue my travel through 400 blogs. :)

Best wishes and greetings from Norway

Susie said...

Very beautiful work.. I was so jealous as you said you moved your easel outside... its cold and rainy and snowy.. I just want to keep the blinds closed in my little studio!

Artbeat said...

Thanks all for the comments Sue Ellen I will take time to look at some of your work as well as the sites of all who have commented.

Susie sometimes I long for a bit of cold crisp Fresh Air. This is our hottest month here with tempretaures of 30 degree plus and close to 100% humitity. Most of the year temps are between 20 and 25 occasionally it might drop to 19 deg's in mid winter then I run for a coat or jersey.

Yvind I often visit your sight and somtimes wish my photographic skill were better. Sometime the photos don't do the paintings justice and other times the photos flatter the work.

Cindy You flatter me with your comments, I still feel like an amateur when I see some of the beautiful work on the web.

Best wishes to yo all from a hot sunny Durban South Africa.