Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snowy Lane

Win 50 EC Credits

I finally started on the birds today and managed to do sketches of ten birds that I will start painting in the next few days.

February is the hottest month of the year here in Durban and with the humidity it can sometimes get unbearable. December was also pretty hot and just after Christmas I thought of my winters spent in Ireland with all the snow.

Not that I felt any cooler doing the painting but it did help me feel closer to my son and daughter who were living in Ireland and the UK at the time.

I have not thought of a title for this water colour painting yet but will be happy to offer 50 EC credits for the best suggestion posted in my comments box. I know its not much compared to many of the competitions going on but I only started the blog 2 days ago. I will decide the winner by close on Thursday.


Cindy said...

"Snowy Lane" That painting is beautiful, so peaceful and serene feeling.

Tara said...

well... it looks a lot like my town right now so you could call it "Canada" :) Just kidding. How about "Frosted Serenity" or "Winter Peace". Just ideas. I am generally known as a terrible "namer" of things.

Thomas said...

"Looking Out My Window"

Nishadha said...

Im from Sri Lanka , and visiting a country with snow is one of my dreams , so I'll call it "Snowy Dream",Btw nice drawing

Shirley said...

This looks like days gone by to me.
So I call it "Winter Memories."

Artbeat said...

Thank you all for the kind comments and suggestions. Cindy was the winner and has been sent her credit. The article has been renamed "Snowy Lane"