Friday, February 29, 2008

Offering to The Gods

Offering To The Gods

First of all thanks for all the comments and suggestions for the paintings in the article "Anyone Can Paint." The suggestion by Androids Dungeon for the sad looking cowboy and his few horses "Carry On" was deserving of the 50 ec Credits.

The second painting of the Birches in diffused lighting will be called "Whispering Trees" aptly named by "A Changing Life" Thank You and 50 ec credits sent to you.

Stories of ancient Egypt have always facinated me and this Oil Painting "Offering To The Gods" is my view of a slave girl carrying a bowl of fruit to her king who ruled Egypt as a God.

Oil on Canvas unframed 460mm H x 335 mm W 18"H X 14"W


pandora said...

I love the art work presented on your blog. Absolutely beautiful. The colors are striking and vibrant. I visit each day now, not just to drop but to see the new art in the morning.

Wakish said...

Wow.. I'm amazed at your artistic flare.. Wonderful!

PS: I would suggest you get your own real domain name.. it will be a lot more beneficial to you in the future, trust me on that! Also, then gradually you can opt for a hosting service for your blog. But right now try to get your own domain name..

All the best!
- Wakish -

Nicole said...

Another wonderful piece of Art!

A. said...

I love this picture. I think I recognise figs in the bowl, along with some other fruits.

Many thanks for the 50 EC prize :)

Shelia said...

I've passed this piece several times now, but could not pass it one more time without saying something, it's beautiful!

You really have a nice site here. Have a great day! :D