Friday, October 31, 2008

Timeless Elegance

The uniqueness of vintage apparel has always appealed to me, not that I actually wear anything vintage or have any vintage clothing in my wardrobe. Unless of course we take our fast paced, ever changing fashion world and consider that I have a few outfits and jeans that I still wear dating back 5 years or more that might already be considered vintage by some. Hopefully they will come back into fashion before I wear them out.

This water colour painting was inspired by my granddaughter Nicole who did a rough sketch and then asked me to do a painting for her. I get the feeling that she has also inherited the art genes and just needs some encouragement to try and paint something herself.

The timeless elegance of the vintage hats and clothing does not lend itself to our modern lifestyle, and I suppose someone dressed in a complete vintage outfit would look like they were wearing a costume on a movie set or theatre production.

A mixture of contemporary and antique dress would be an interesting combination even in our era. Then again!! maybe in 20 years or so, when I'm a doddering old lady shuffling along with my cane, the vintage line will become the fashion again and I will be reminded of my youth growing up in colonial Africa.


storybeader said...

you should feel honored that your granddaughter wanted you to draw her! I love watercolors, and think the piece can out great!

Shinade said...

Oh I love this very much!! I too love the era of the flappers.

Oh everyone seem to dress so muvh more elegantly then.

This is stunning!!:-)))

Nancy said...

Why not create your own vintage style? These days fashion is taking a turn for the eccentric and eclectic anyway:)

Margaret said...

All I can say is WOW! I absolutely love this! What eyes! And the colors! This is simply exquisite!


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

You are very very talented. Hi from New Zealand. The painting is wonderful.

All the best