Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anyone for Marbles

Just so the guys don't feel hard done by and imagined my world consisted only of the female gender I decided to go back into the unfinished file and dig out a painting I started in December last year.

The little boy playing marbles certainly invokes a bit of nostalgia which reminds me of an age when electronic toys did not exist. Children played safely outdoors and had loads of fun with simple toys. The dog looks as though he is keeping an eye on proceedings and is as intrigued with the game as the player.

I am currently working on two paintings that were commissioned, and should be finished in the next day or so. Both involve my feathered friends and have proved quite a challenge.


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Caroline,

Great marbles! That is really a nostalgia trip for me. I used to play marbles with the neighborhood kids when I was young. I had two elder brothers who didn't want me to mix with the neighbor's kids, and they would throw my marbles away. But then, the kids would pick it up and give them all back to me the next day.

They were poor but they were honest. That was one of the things I learned about them, although I began to to think about it that way later on. As kids, I knew they were good friends.

There are several types of games we used to play and there was one involving four holes in a race to get to the fourth and back to the finish line. That was fun. This painting is drawing on lots of memories. Thanks. :-) --Durano, done!

By the way: I may be able to post the award tomorrow. Thanks again for the kind thought. Dd!

doudy said...

I think your Blog is amazing!!

SueEllen Cowan said...

This is a very nostalgic piece, I am reminded of my childhood when we all played marbles at recess. Well done.

Jenaisle said...

Yes, those were the days when life was simple. The gadget kids play nowadays are rich in technology, they are not allowed the simple joy of appreciating what they have.

Thanks for sharing.

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Artbeat said...

Hi Durano

Finally a few minutes out of my busy schedule to reply to some of the comments.

I always look forward to hearing what you have to say and every time I do a new painting I ask myself "what will Durano's comment be.

Thanks again

Artbeat said...

Thanks Dowdy

Glad you like my site

Artbeat said...

Thanks Sueellen

Yes I look back and think of how simple it was in those days. I am not sure that modern day kids can entertain themselves, hi tec seems to be the order of the day and that only seems to keep them occupied for short periods at a time.

Artbeat said...


I don't think modern day kids know the meaning of simple. I think their existance is about who has the fanciest hi-tech gadget. I wonder what kids will be like in another 30 years from now.

Shawie said...

Did you know that I was really good at that when I was a kid? wow! i missed those fun!!!
nice painting, really great!