Monday, March 10, 2008

Tawny Owl

Its been a while since my last post, my art was placed on the back burner for a while in attempting to deal with some unexpected circumstances that will influence our lives for the immediate future. Being the weekend though I can put these problems aside and finish some of the work I started previously.

Tawny Owl
Over the centuries Mythology has associated Owls with wisdom, evil, and even death. These solitary nocturnal birds are revered by some and disliked by others. The Tawny Owl's fierce defence of its nest has made it responsible for more injuries to humans than any other bird.

The Tawny Owl is the most common and widespread Owl in Europe, its soundless flight, and amazing eyesight make, it a fearsome predator of small rodents. Love it or hate it, the distinctive cry of this owl carries for a kilometer or more and is the one heard by most people.

Another paradox associated with these solitary birds is their collective noun "Parliament of Owls" probably because they call to each other across acres of forest.

In keeping with the parliamentary theme I thought I would call this water colour painting "Good night George" (Bush) or the "Silent politician" but I am not sure this little marvel of nature deserves such a dubious title, so if anyone can come up with a suitable title over the next week then 100 EC Credits will be your reward.


Ash said...

Love the Owl painting. I also can so relate to life sneaking in and causing one to have to put the art aside for a bit! My first thought as far as a title was "Silent Wisdom".
Much success to you!

Aerten said...

Can't help with a title... I have a hard enough time naming my own work! :) But that is one fabulously beautiful owl! I love the details... her eyes her just mesmerizing.

Artbeat said...

Hi Ash
Why is it that I can sometimes look at someone elses work and come up with a suitable name, yet I have to wrack my brain for a name for my own work.

When I read some of the elaborate flowing discriptions some artists can write for each of their works I feel quite inadequate.

I like your title but lets see what else comes in.

Artbeat said...

Hi aerton

Thanks for the lovey compliment, I guess when I choose a subject its because I feel I can express myself in the painting.

I generally paint things I enjoy and the owl appealed to me though the background is a bit contrived.

Susie said...

I love the owl and the detail in his feathers! Great job, would like to be able to hear him hooting!

Artbeat said...

Thanks Susie
When I finished the painting and photographed it, it just did not make a good photo, I spent another hour on the detail till I said to my husband thats it.... If the photo does not look good now I will scrap the painting.

He photographed it the next morning in natural light and it came out better.

I live in a town house complex, and don't get to see many birds close up except for common minor birds and pigeons.

My apartment overlooks a river and at night when the traffic dies down I hear the ducks and sea gulls.

I suppose thats the joy of living in a secure complex in the concrete jungle.